Belle Starr
NPC Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Outlaw
Setting(s) Deadlands

History (Weird West)

The West is a sort of equal-opportunity place. Women can be just as heroic as men—or just as wicked. A case in the latter point is Belle Star,born Myra Belle Shirley to a prominent Missouri businessman and his wife. Never content with a woman’s traditional place in society, young Bellemet the notorious Cole Younger and promptly became his mistress. He left her behind when he rode away with the James Gang, but he sees herand their daughter Pearl whenever he can. From Cole, Belle went on to have affairs with plenty of other outlaws. She finally married outlaw Sam Starr. Belle frequently went along with him, helping to rob banks and trains, rustle horses and cattle, and commit other nefarious acts. Back East the papers call her “the Bandit Queen,” and she lives up to that name. Belle’s appearance may explain why she’s had so many bedmates. Although no prizewinner, she’s plenty pleasing to the eye, with long, black hair and green eyes. She was sometimes seen wearing a beautiful, gold necklace set with a red gem. Rumors have it that she recently lost this piece of jewelry and would dearly love to get it back. Belle’s children are usually left with friends of hers in Missouri. She is prepared to do anything to keep them from being hurt.

Profile Information and Marshal UsesEdit

Corporeal: D:3d8, N:3d8, S:2d6, Q:3d10, V:2d8  Dodge 3d8, fightin’: lariat 2d8, fightin’: whip 4d8, horse ridin’ 3d8, shootin’: pistol, rifle, shotgun 3d8, sneak 4d8

Mental: C:2d8, K:2d6, M:2d6, Sm:2d8, Sp:2d6 Area knowledge:Disputed Lands 2d6,language:English 2d6

Wind: 14

Edges: Friends in high places 2 (former lovers), purty 1, renown 3 

Hindrances: Outlaw –3, randy –3

Gear: Belle usually lets whoever she’s working with supply her with gear. She usually carries a whip with her, though. Belle Star’s necklace is actually a relic. See Hucksters & Hexes for details.

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