“Chuckles” Ryan
“Chuckles” Ryan
NPC Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Outlaw
Setting(s) Deadlands

History (Weird West)

Chuckles is a ruthless leader, and he tolerates no insolence from his band of outlaws. On more than one occasion, he has pulled his irons and eliminated one of his own gang members. One of the more nasty rumors claims that he shot his cook—between the eyes, no less—for laughing when he choked on the cook’s chili. Obviously, “Chuckles” didn’t find the incident very humorous. Even though he may be cruel to his men at times, they would follow to the ends of the earth and back. He rewards them well when things work out, with a fair share of the take and plenty of cheap cigars. 

The Laughing Men gangEdit

This band of cruel, ruthless outlaws plagues the area around the Grand Canyon. It used to work for the Black River Railroad, but these days it works only for itself. The gang is led by the bloodthirsty “Chuckles” Ryan, and some say that he’s got over 200 men working for him! His nickname seems to stem from the fact that he and some members of his gang laugh incessantly while committing a crime. There’s a $1,000 reward for Ryan, and $300 for every man in his gang.

Profile Information and Marshal UsesEdit

The Laughing Men and Chuckles Ryan are profiled in The Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. Give Ryan gunplay 4 and outlaw –3 as a Hindrance. The rest of the Laughing Men have outlaw –1 or –2.

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