Clay Allison
Clay Allison
NPC Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Outlaw
Setting(s) Deadlands

History (Weird West)Edit

They call him “the Wild Wolf of the Washita,” and they’re not far wrong. Allison’s as vicious as a wolf and about twice as temperamental. Born in 1840 in Tennessee, he fought for the Confederacy in the War Between the States until he was discharged on account of mental problems (his physical problem—a clubfoot—does not seem to have mattered). He reenlisted with a unit that didn’t care about his mental condition.

When Allison tired of the war, he drifted west into Texas. There he became a cowboy. Bored, he turned to outlawry and has left a trail of blood behind him almost unequalled in the West. All told, he’s killed about a dozen men, most by gunfire, some by lynching or other, more gruesome means. His victims include cowboys, banditos, Union officers, and a dentist who pulled the wrong tooth when he worked on Allison. Allison tied him into his own chair and extracted two of his teeth before killing him. He even shot a man for snoring too loudly.

Allison is wildest and most dangerous when he’s been drinking. He’s prone to taking potshots at people and causing other havoc. Once when drunk, he rode through a town naked and then invited everyone down for drinks at the saloon. Allison’s skills as a gunfighter include his calmness, accuracy, and ability to clear leather fast. Several of his killings have been in quickdraw contests. However, Deputy Marshal Wyatt Earp was able to outdraw him and force him to leave Dodge City, and he’s never gone back.

Profile Information and Marshal UsesEdit

Corporeal: D:4d12, N:3d10, S:4d8, Q:3d10, V:3d8 Climbin’ 2d12, dodge 1d12, fightin’: brawlin’, lariat 4d10, gunplay 3d12, horse ridin’ 3d10, quick draw: pistol 4d10, shootin’: pistol, rifle, shotgun 5d12, speed-load: pistol 2d12, throwin’: balanced 1d12

Mental: C:2d6, K:2d4, M:4d8, Sm:2d6, Sp:2d6

Area knowledge: Weird West 2d4, language: English 2d4, guts 3d6, overawe 4d8

Wind: 24

Edges: Brave 2, nerves o’ steel 1, sand 2, tough as nails 5

Hindrances: Lame (limps due to clubfoot) –3, mean as a rattler –2, outlaw –5, vengeful –3

Gear: Two double-action Colt Peacemakers, one scattergun, 50 rounds of ammunition for all his guns, fast-draw holsters for his Colts, one speed-load cylinder for each Colt, two Bowie knives, rope, horse, and $120.

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