The Coyote Confederation is a Native American state that is recognized as a sovereign nation by the Confederacy. The Union does not, as of 1876 recognize the Coyote Confederation as anything more then an Indian reservation under Confederate control. The Confederation is under the rule of the shaman known as Coyote, a mysterious figure who has managed to unite the five tribes of the Coyote Confederation into one state. The Confederation is only a loose alliance and each tribe retains its own leadership.

Tribes of the ConfederationEdit

The Coyote Confederation is a coalition of five tribes that while bound by loyalty to the Confederation mantain a great deal of independence and often rival one another. The Commanche, Cherokee and Kiowa tribes which dominate the southern part of the Confederation and are the alliance between the three tribes dominate the politics of the Confederation. These three tribes do not follow the Old Ways and prone to raid neighboring communities, Native and White alike. The Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes both practice the Old Ways and have formed something of an alliance with the Sioux. These tribes argue for greater cooperation amongst all Native American tribes both inside and outside of the Confederation.

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