Deadlands: Lost Colony is the sequel setting to Deadlands and Deadlands: Hell on Earth and combines the science fiction and horror genres. It was written by Shane Lacy Hensley and John Hoppler and published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group in 2002.


Just before the Last War, a spaceship called The Unity was sent from Earth to the Faraway System through a trans-dimensional wormhole called "The Tunnel". Its mission was to set up a colony on the planet Banshee so they could mine its raw Ghost Rock deposits.

When the Last War was fought, the Tunnel collapsed, stranding the colonists on Banshee.

The natives of the planet, called Anouks, resisted the invasion, but the humans had better technology. So the natives turned to their shamans to even the score by using their magical powers. A brutal war was fought between the Anouks and the Humans until both were too battered to continue.

The colonists don't realize that The Reckoners came with them and are trying to set up shop on Banshee. The Anouks can sense the Reckoners and usually reject and oppose them. However, some twisted Anouks see the power they wield and want to tap into it to help fulfill their agenda.

Unique Character ArchetypesEdit

  • Colonial Ranger: The law enforcement officers on Banshee. Most colonists ignore them until they need their help.
  • Mute ("Mutator"): A cyborg who can use nanobot swarms to transform raw materials or build devices or tools.
  • Banshee Born: Children born on Banshee developed magical powers similar to those of the Anouks due to their attunement with the planet.
  • Anouk Warrior: A native warrior of the Anouk race. Some warriors can use human technology and weapons if they have been taught how.
  • Anouk Shaman: A native priest who can use Tannis, a magical substance, to cast powerful magic spells.

Titles in the SeriesEdit