Deadlands Wiki is a fan-made product based on the works by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. As such, it must adhere to the Pinnacle Fan License found here. Of important note is point 5:

5) The licensee agrees not to reproduce material from the Savage Worlds rulebook or any other copyrighted work without the express written consent of Pinnacle Entertainment Group or the copyright holder.

This means that we are not permitted to upload any Deadlands material without the express written consent of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Matthew Cutter has clarified this process in this forum post. Pinnacle Entertainment does not necessarily own the rights to all of their artwork. By doing this, it avoids any issues that might arise from the artists.

In order to upload an image from a copyrighted book, the uploader MUST send an e-mail to requesting permission to reprint any images or verbatim text from any Deadlands books, BEFORE they are reproduced. It is strongly encouraged to send one combined request if you are seeking permission to upload multiple files. Any images uploaded without their permission will be removed.

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