For a Few Dead Guys More
Fictional Story Information
Author(s) Various Authors, Edited by Shane Lacy Hensley
Product ID #2101
Format Paperback Book
Release Date December 1, 1999
Setting Deadlands

This is the second book in the "The Trilogy with No Name", a collection of short stories set in the Deadlands setting.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

'The Trilogy with No Name' - Twisted Tales of terror by all your favorite authors, including John "Night Train" Goff, John Hopler, and Shane Lacy Hensley scream side by side with tales by bestselling Star Wars (TM) author Michael Stackpole, with forewords by Joe R. Lansdale and Bruce "Evil Dead" Campbell! If you don't have these anthologies, you're wrong! But we'll cut you some slack.

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