Jesse James
Sans titre
NPC Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Outlaw
Setting(s) Deadlands

History (Weird West)Edit

Jesse was born in 1847, and Frank’s older by four years. Their appearances are well-known in the Disputed Lands. Jesse is tall and thin, with a handsome, oval face which he keeps clean shaven. He sometimes has trouble breathing and is prone to getting sick because of a lung injury received in the War Between the States. On occasion, he uses the alias “Thomas Howard.” Frank has a similar oval face with a black moustache and is a little shorter than Jesse.

Like the James Brothers, the Younger Brothers (Cole, James, and Bob) got involved in the war after being abused by Yankee soldiers. They met Frank and Jesse when they all served under “Bloody” Bill Quantrill and fought for the Confederacy. Cole’s the oldest, Bob the youngest. Judging from the rewards offered for them, the members of the James Gang are the mostwanted outlaws in the West. Jesse is worth $10,000 all by himself, Frank’s got $2,000 on his head, and the Youngers are worth $1,000 apiece.

The James Gang Edit

Jesse’s the charismatic leader of this bunch of robbers/freedom fighters. There’s not much to say about the James Gang that hasn’t been said elsewhere. The gang uses local friends and popular support to keep safe from the law. This doesn’t always work though, as witnessed by the incident that started the James-Pinkerton War.

Profile Information and Marshal UsesEdit

Corporeal: D:4d12, N:4d10, S:2d6, Q:3d10, V:3d8 Dodge 3d12, fightin’: brawlin’ 3d10, gunplay 2d10, horse ridin’ 4d10, quick draw: pistol 4d10, shootin’: pistol, rifle 4d12, sneak 4d10

Mental: C:3d8, K:2d8, M:3d10, Sm:3d8, Sp:2d6 Area knowledge: Disputed Lands 4d6, artillery: cannons 2d8, disguise 1d8, language: English 2d6, overawe 3d10, survival 3d8

Wind: 14

Edges: Big ears 1, eagle eyes 1, friends in high places (friends and sympathizers throughout the Disputed Lands) 2, renown 5

Hindrances: Ailin’ (prone to sickness due to lung injury) –1, enemy (Pinkertons, Yankees) –3, outlaw –5

Gear: Two Colt Army revolvers, one Sharps 1869 rifle, 50 rounds of ammunition for all his guns, Bowie knife, rope, horse, and $90.

For the rest of the gang, use the soldier archetype from the Deadlands Player’s Guide. Change their loyal to the gang itself, and replace obligation with outlaw –3. Their intolerance and enemy Hindrances extend to the Pinkertons.

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