La 1870
Pre-Quake City of Los Angeles

Before the Great Quake the town of Los Angeles was one of the largest in Southern California with a population of around 5,000 people. The Great Quake destroyed most of Los Angeles while that which remained was stranded amongst the bluffs and mesas of the Great Maze. Some of the few survivors of the Great Quake from the city of Los Angeles would go on to form the Church of Lost Angels, lead by its charismatic leader Ezekiah Grimme.

Ruins of Lost Angels Edit

Most of the town of Los Angeles was destroyed in the Quake and much of what survives has been picked over by salvagers and looters. To followers of the Anahuac faith the town of Los Angeles heald special significance. Inside the remains of the city is the Iglesia De Las Muertas, a large Anahuac temple in the shape of an Aztec pyramid. It is a center of Anahuac worship and followers from the City of Lost Angels sometimes make pilgramage to perform religious rituals.

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