President John Romero was once a silent partner of Emille DeSalanto the Southern Alliance movie director who perfected a limited form of mind control through his movies. DeSalanto got arrested while making a movie in the North and The Texas Rangers kidnapped Romero. They forced Romero to continue making movies using DeSalanto's technique with threats of violence. While working on a movie on location there was an accident with a movie reel and his hand was ripped from his arm. The Rangers shipped Romero to a Deseret hospital for treatment. From there Romero escaped to the Northern he perfected DeSalanto's mind control through movies and used it to implant urges to elect him President. Once President he continued to use the procedure in Anti-Southern propoganda which may have ultimately lead to war though it wasn't his intent. After his impeachment, Romero went into hiding in the secluded hills of Washington State. Shortly after that the bombs fell on Judgement Day, Romero decided to pay the world back by perfecting the old brainwashing technology. This time, he wouldn’t use it to destroy the South (which doesn’t really exist in at this time anyway). Now he’s making heroic movies to inspire people, to give them hope, and maybe erode fear throughout the West and help defeat the Reckoners.

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