As Pinnacle has a habit of advancing their storyline via their published adventures, this page endeavors to list the adventures in a timeline of their occurence, when that has been established in any canonical publication - though for the most part, each has only been narrowed down to a set of months that allows gamemasters a better fit into their own campaigns. The Dime Novel's timelines are derived from Ronan Lynch's point of view; with the exception of Independence Day (Dime Novel 2), they could fit into any date.

1876, any time: The Dark Canyon (#1003, Book o' the Dead), Abracadabra & an Arab Cadaver (#1005, Hucksters & Hexes), The Mission (#1011, Fire and Brimstone)

1875-1876, winter: Perdition's Daughter (#9000, Dime Novel 1), Ghostriders in the Sky (#1009: Marshal Law)

1876, late spring-early summer: The Crucible (#1004, Smith & Robards), , Pass the Salt! (#1008, The Great Maze), This Harrowed Ground (#1009, Marshal Law)

1876, July 1-4: Independence Day (#9001, Dime Novel 2)

1876, July: On Top of Old Skull Hill, All Covered in Blood! (#1015, Law Dogs)

1876, late summer-early autumn: Night Train (#9002, Dime Novel 3), Strange Bedfellows-Savage Passage-Ground Zero (#9003, 9004, 9005, Dime Novels 4-6)

1876, late autumn-early winter: Devil's Tower 1-3, Road to Hell, Heart of Darkness, Fortress of Fear (#1012, 1016, 1017)

1877, any time: Bloody Ol' Muddy (#1024), Forbidden God (#9006, Dime Novel 7), Adios, A-Mi-Go! (#9007, Dime Novel 8), Worms! (#9009, Dime Novel 10)

1877, winter-early spring: The Heart of the Matter (#1019, Lost Angels), Skinners (#9008, Dime Novel 10)

1877, summer: Canyon o' Doom (#1028)

1878, spring: Ghostbusters (#1031), Rain o' Terror (#1034),

1878, summer: Dead Presidents (#1037)

1879 autumn-1880 summer: The Flood (#10202)

1880 autumn - 1881 summer: The Last Sons (#10209)

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