NPC Information
Gender Male
Affiliation The Last Sons, Reckoners, War, and Various other Cults
Setting(s) Deadlands, Hell on Earth, Deadlands: The Last Sons

A long-lived native warrior and one of the servitors of the Reckoners, Raven lives to bring ruin upon the nation. He is the favored servitor of War, who uses Raven to spread violence and death in hope to further the Reckoners' plans.


The man who would become Raven was born in 1754. At the age of 18, his people were destroyed and he since devoted his life to vengeance upon the white man. He eventually finds the "Fountain of Youth", and dips in its mystical waters gaining immortality.

The Last Sons

Raven gathered together warriors and shamans who would help him bring the Deadlands to earth. Using dark and forbidden rites, the Last Sons (as they are known) have left much death and turmoil in theier wake.

The Slaughter of the Old Ones

Raven decided next to travel to the Hunting Grounds, a hidden realm where Demons and other Spirits reside. To enact the next part of his plans, Raven needed to kill the Old Ones, Elder shamans whose souls guarded the gates between the Hunting Grounds and Earth. Raven hunted the Old Ones down one-by-one, and with their final deaths the veil between worlds was weakened.

The Great Quake and the Flood.

After the Slaughter, Raven Ordered the Last Sons to scatter into the darkness, where they would influence events from the shadows. He then then travelled to California hoping to control the territory. Raven found willing puppets to use to his advantage. He then travelled into The Maze and enacted a ritual which caused the Great Quake of 1868 which was followed by the Flood of 1880 (which resulted in the death of Reverend Grimme, another Servitor of the Reckoners.). He then turned his gaze upon the Indian Nations.