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Wyatt Earp
NPC Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Law Enforcement of Dodge City, Kansas
Setting(s) Deadlands

Wyatt Earp (full name Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp) is a law enforcement officer and former teamster, rail worker, buffalo hunter, and stagecoach driver. Famous for his fast mind and cool head, he prefers to knock out troublemakers with his Bluntline rather than firing. He is noted for being the assistant marshal of Dodge City, Kansas and managing to keep law and order in the town, despite the ongoing tensions between Union and Confederate supporters. In 1876, he worked with Ronan Lynch to stop The Butcher during Dodge City's Independence Day festival.


In 1875, Earp became a deputy marshal in the Wichita, Kansas police force. Soon after he lost his post when he got into a fight with William Smith, a man running for marshal, and was discharged. The next year, Earp went to Dodge City to join Bat Masterson and in May, 1876 was appointed assistant marshal under Marshal Larry Deger.

Independence DayEdit

The Dodge City council appointed Earp to deputize a number of individuals to help keep the peace leading up to the Centennial celebration of the United States' Independence Day on July 4th, 1876. On July 2nd, he hired Ronan Lynch to patrol a section of town, but an unseen assailant managed to kill Paul Goodwin in the same saloon that Lynch was in. Rather than firing him, Earp put a reward, dead or alive, for the murderer and tasked Lynch and Hank "One Eye" Ketchum with tracking him down. Together the two were able to defeat The Butcher and prevent him from terrorizing Dodge City.

Moving to TombstoneEdit

As of 1879, Earp was planning on resigning from his law enforcement position and moving to Tombstone, AZ with his wife to join his brother Virgil.

Background InformationEdit

The Dime Novel Independence Day was originally published with both a short story starring Ronan Lynch and an adventure in which Earp hires the posse instead of Lynch.

Earp's badge is a Relic, which makes him more difficult to be hit. In Deadlands Classic, it also gives him a bonus to persuasion checks, but if he ever denies a cry for help, he loses a Fate Chip. In Deadlands Reloaded, it is one of the only relics that does not have a taint.



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